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Top Five Reasons Online Gambling is a Smart Move For New Jersey

If you sit quietly, you may just hear the resounding applause that resonates from the online gambling community as they applaud New Jersey's recent emergence into the online gambling industry.  Fully aware of what a monumental and pivotal move it was for the state, New Jersey residents are on the verge of having something rather special that other states will envy, access to their favorite casino games, right at their fingertips, literally.  Online gambling is going to transform New Jersey's gaming industry, and in a powerfully positive way. In case you need a little convincing, we decided to list the Top Five Reasons Online Gambling is a Smart Move for NJ. 

  1. Revenue
    When its all said and done, show me the money!!  Experts estimate that online gambling  would yield the garden state $250 million in gaming revenue (gross), and a nice $55 million in taxes each year.  Yes, we know that New Jersey's budget deficit exceeds $10 billion, but its not a bad chunk of change to impact the deficit in the right direction. 

  2. Puts New Jersey In The Lead
    New Jersey has effectively become the leader in a thriving and emerging industry that is widely popular all over the world.  Online gambling in New Jersey will catapult them into a leadership role in the industry, which certainly gives them access to more than notoriety, but also securing the most lucrative and first choice partnerships. 

  3. Job Creation
    Online gambling in New Jersey will bring jobs to New Jersey residents that otherwise would not be necessary.  From customer support staff to IT professionals and executive level big dogs, online gambling will help put New Jersey residents back to work when unemployment is at a harrowing level. 

  4. Protection for New Jersey Residents Who Enjoy Online Gambling
    Online casino operators in New Jersey are not the anonymous, hidden mysteries that you find in many online casinos, nor are they in a position to disappear and run off with your money.  Online gambling laws require that all NJ online casinos be associated with a brick and mortar casino, and are accountable to the New Jersey Casino Control Commission, who regulates the industry with an iron fist, particularly when it comes to the protection of NJ residents. 

  5. Provides Positive Regulation To Direct A Thriving Industry Inward
    Everyone knows that despite the UIGEA, thousands of of players in the US still enjoy online gambling, and all that potential revenue from regulating that gaming action was flowing out to other countries rather than supporting the struggling economy in the USA.  New Jersey online gambling has reigned that in by providing New Jersey residents with a viable option that meets their gaming needs while supporting their local economy.

New Jersey has beautifully flexed their 10th amendment muscles in their bold move to be a pioneer in the online gambling revolution.  We stand behind them, we applaud them, we encourage online gambling fans who live in New Jersey to engage in this opportunity for a secure and enjoyable gambling experience.  Looking for a safe and trusted New Jersey online casino option?  You've come to the right place.  Our New Jersey Online Casino information will point you in the right direction.