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What are the Benefits of New Jersey Online Gambling?

New Jersey is among the first states to legalize online gambling, and in doing so, they are providing a much needed financial boost to their local economy, a powerful shot in the arm so to speak that will dramatically impact the Atlantic City gambling industry, as well as bring in revenue from all over the state that will effect NJ's overall bottom line. While it took a few tries before Governor Chris Christie was on board with the legislation, he signed the final bill enthusiastically. Below we've broken down some of the key Benefits of New Jersey Online Gambling that will be exceptionally beneficial to the state of NJ, and help to turn around a difficult economic climate that all New Jersey residents are faced with. New Jersey Online Gambling can truly benefit New Jersey residents in a positive and lucrative way.

Boost To Atlantic City

Atlantic City's gambling industry has experienced a significant drop in revenue, causing a multitude of issues, including unemployment rate increases. The NJ online gambling laws have ensured that all online gambling sites must be tied in with a land based casino, hence off shore casino operators cannot come in and take over. This means that only true state based New Jersey online casinos will have will have a cess to operating in the state. Therefor it will be NJ local casino businesses who benefit from the additional e-commerce leg of the industry that online gambling brings in.

Job Creation

Allowing online gambling sites to be launched by brick and mortar casinos will present a multitude of new job opportunities, and with the popularity of NJ online casino games, those jobs will easily pay for themselves. Job opportunities may include anything from writing, web design, online live chat support, and technical assistance to IT support, content manager, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Revenue for the Local State Government

With the state of NJ experiencing serious deficit challenges, and nearing bankruptcy at one point, the additional revenue from the regulation of online gambling can serve to impact the deficit situation and aid NJ in getting back on its feet fiscally. Online gambling regulatory revenue can certainly impact the bottom line for New Jersey in a powerful and positive way.

Convenient Access to Gambling Entertainment Whenever You are Ready To Play

New Jersey residents also benefit from access to online gambling with the convenient and flexible options associated with a virtual, online gambling platform. Online casinos allow you to enjoy gambling action without leaving the comfort of your own home, and is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it easy to enjoy some excitement with slots, roulette, or video poker anytime you are in the mood for it. Regardless of whether its snowing, or late at night, you can have all the gambling action you want, right from your LaZBoy easy chair.

New Jersey Online Casinos are Ready for You!!

As of November 26th, 2013, New Jersey online gambling options are now live! Following a fairly successful 'soft launch' trial period that incurred only minor issues, online gambling in New Jersey is now available to NJ residents and visitors. You must be located within the state lines in order to participate. These new casino and poker gambling options join a selection of legally licensed and regulated online casinos and poker rooms located outside of the United States which have been servicing NJ players for years. These well known and trusted online casinos provide a safe and secure gambling environment and an overall high quality gambling experience.